Cheers to the freakin' weekend.

i'll drink to that.
Happy Friday, y'all. <-----See, Todd.
What does everyone have on the docket this weekend?
Were headed to good 'ol Iowa for our annual exercise family reunion of sorts.

Try not to be jealous, I will be a stone's throw from the
Seriously though, look forward to this weekend every year.
Can't wait to tell you all about it.

Until then, TGFI.
Nope, not dyslexic (well, debatable) that acronym is for
Thank God For Internet.

Drool-worthy tablescape from Kelly


I'm going to need one of each, and a large anonymous deposit in my checking account, thank you!

Things that would look fabulous on my hand

Other Things that would look great

Can't stop listening to this song.
Todd will be so thrilled on our road trip!

Desperately trying to capture Grady's "Stink Eye" without making it look like he blinked.
This one is pretty close, and he will beat you up if you don't tune in Monday for a recap :)

Happy Weekend!



Nothing like a good train wreck to start a Thursday.

Look, I know we are not shocked about her death.
& we are not surprised to learn that she died at the same age as 
That Heroin is tricky I tell ya!

But regardless, she had talent of epic proportions!
I remember the exact place in the world I was when I heard her voice for the first time,
and I've been hooked ever since.

Miss you you hot mess!!

Amy, I don't think there is any Heroin in heaven, but if there is - lay off!

Happy Thursday!


Rain, Rain...

It's raining here.
As opposed to being Eeyore about it, I thought I'd conjure up a little shin-dig.

Why not celebrate?

Do you dance in the rain?


Cool Treats

Nothing captures the true essence of summer like an ice cold popsicle
  dripping down your chin.
If I were coordinated & patient & actually owned a popsicle mold,
I might make some of these sweet homemade goodies:

{Lavender Popsicle}

Ever DIYed popsicles?
Any clever flavor suggestions?


Currently Being Inspired By...

Greek Key

Happy Monday, loves
How was everyone's weekend?
We (just barely) made it out of the river and I am still a bit tired (in the bet way possible) from our adventure.
Maybe it was the greek salad I made for us when we got back on land, 
but I've been craving Greek Key ever since.

Here are a few of my faves:

Loving this tray.

and these plates :)

Would NOT mind rocking this bad boy on my wrist.

You had me at Kelly Green.

How about some interiors:

Greek Key Dessert Buffet a la Camille Styles

Another JA masterpiece.

So what do you think?
Are you over the greek key?
Just getting started?

Hope you have a great Monday!


Friday (lots 'o) Favorites

Either the internet was chalk-full of good finds this week...
....or I was just on it too much...

Either way, I've got a long list so let's get right down to it!

LOVE Inslee Design's fabulous sketches & prints.

No source but AMAZING.

TMH - I want (an Illinois one)

Need a blod Linus Dean rug.

UM, not sure I've ever needed anything so bad in my life.

Grady-Pants got his first haircut.
He was fine until they took out the spray bottle - then all hell broke loose.
Not to worry, he kept a firm grip on his taxi's steering wheel despite his vein-popping screams.
Man, I love him.

Hope you have a great weekend.
Wish us luck on our annual float trip! 

If I'm not back on Monday, send a search party out to the river!