See you in 2012

2011 was definitely good to me
and although I'll miss it so, I think 2012 will have some fun things on the horizon too :)

Hoping you and yours have a very Happy New Year!

and that 2012 is great to you!
Leaving you with a little quirky holiday magic, courtesy of Zooey & Joseph.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !!



Hi again, everyone!
How was your holiday weekend?
Ours was pretty laid back,
we celebrated with family
ate way too much food
played some music...

oh yeah, 

So exciting! 
I'm playing major catch up today but wanted to drop in and share the good news
(and iPhone pics my friend snapped)
I'll be back soon with more pics & details!

Hope you have a great day!!!


If I knew you were coming.

if you need me today I'll be up to my knees elbows neck in Christmas baked goods.
Wish me luck!



Wrap it up

How is everyone coming along on their holiday shopping?
Anyone still need to wrap?
If so, take a look at these fun options before you head out & drop a fortune on new paper :)


Enjoy your wrapping! 


Christmas Cupcakes

Hey there! Two in a row, can you even believe it?
I've been rounding up too many a bunch of recipes for the holidays
and couldn't help but notice the extent of the holiday cupcake.

Who knew there were so many perfectly festive combos?

Which one is your fave?


Oh, hey!

Remember me?
In retrospect, I probably should have ended on a brighter note than that last post I had.
To make up for it, I promise a week full of cheerful, Christmas oriented posts!

Starting with
As much as I appreciate the new fun twists on the holidays, 
I will always be a sucker for those traditional moments. 
Nothing quite beats the smell of fresh evergreen, 
and they're not too shabby to look at either...

See what I mean?

What about you? 
Have any favorite traditions?
Miss me?


The candy man can

My bestie, Claire, and I are throwing a little "Girls holiday get together"
and have been in full blown planning mode.
Our let's just run with it theme is "candy cane sparkle"
and while we have some tricks up our sleeves we can't share yet (duh, I'll show you after)
I found some fun & festive ideas that would lend a hand to our theme.

Let's take a looksie.

Fabulous? Over it?
Planning anything for the holidays?


I don't want no scrubs

actually, I do...

Good morning, friends!
Today I thought I'd switch it up and post some recipes.

...bare with me...
In my ongoing obsession with Pinterest
I've been noticing all these delicious recipes for face masks and body scrubs!
Chocolate, brown sugar, honey...

Maybe this is the key to success? 
Let's take a look!

I'm so excited I'm not even sure which one I'll try first!
These would make great little gifts for the holidays as well...
Just don't gift them to me, cause I'll have them all made by Friday :)

Have a great day!



Hello again, friends!

How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was great, complete with a private sale event yesterday
where I bought myself potentially the cutest plum colored pants that ever were to exist.

Due to their insane level of awesome, I thought I'd round up some
pretty plum pictures
for this Monday morn.

Shall we?

Purple is definitely not my favorite color, but there is just something so
rich & wintery about plum.

...Well, that and my pants are adorable!

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!