Happy Day :)

After what feels like MONTHS of set-backs,
Todd and I are FINALLY closing on our very first home...

I'm sure you've noticed my excitement in the recent interior related posts...
I'm chomping at the bit not only to decorate & nest, but finally have a life with my love 
that doesn't involve 200 miles of travel a weekend.

Anyway, enough with the sappy crap, wheres the pretty?

This website, Moment Junkie, is a place for photographers 
to submit perfect moments caught at weddings.
They range from "sweet" to "saucy" but there are some killer photos in there.
I seriously advise at least a once through.

Casablanca's Before & After featured on YHL
Using. Paint.

Sweetest little Etsy shop.

Beautiful Monogrammed Lucite products.
These would make a perfect engagement or wedding gift
 (cough, cough...that actually means "hint, hint"...that actually means I like kelly green, navy, trellis, H's...)

and whats the weekend without a little gluttony?

Okay folks, next time you see me I will be an OFFICIAL home owner! (man I'm old)
...and probably covered in paint.
 Can't wait to share the makeover process :)


too hot to dot

I'm having a very polka-dot minded morning.
I'm usually a sucker for the stripes, but these guys are totally making my day :)

Recently I've been finding most of my images on Pinterest
I'll follow you :)


Oh, Chestie.

I've always had a knack for the vintage/old school thing, 
and every since Jenny mentioned her recent purchase, I just can't get the
out of my head.

So masculine, yet still dainty. Whats a girl got to do to get a little Chestie?

Are you tickled by the tufts?


Just a Smidge

Happy Monday :)
Did ya'll have a good one?
Over the weekend I had all sorts of house projects swirling through my head.
I'm really digging bright bold colors, 
but us ladies know how it is to share your domain with a man.
No pink. No neon. No fun.

Pinterest however showed me some subtle ways
to add just a splash of that punch you're looking for and still make a big impact.

Allow me:

Have I mentioned that I'm excited to start decorating?
If not, for the record, I am.



2 out of 5

'aint bad, right?
As much as I swore I'd be better about being an everyday blogger,
this thing called life keeps getting in the way.

To make up for my lack of (daily) existence this week, I come with a serious faves post.
(I mean, let's be real, the faves posts are the best)

Quirky. Sassy. Bold. Vegas.

Eye Love You valentines!!

Laura Lapidus, can I get an amen?

Yes puh-lease.

Speaking of beautiful geography...
I need that bottom one.

and finally...
Grady's reaction to hearing I haven't had a "Weekly plop" in...
W E E K S.

Have a fantabulous weekend!!!
(How come I didn't get a squiggly line under "fantabulous" but I did under "aint"...ugh, spellcheck)