love love love

Oops, hi. Remember me?
I've been busy beyond belief & haven't really been able 
to pull together anything creative worth sharing.
I have however been making some progress on the house (slowly but surely)
and I do very much love Valentine's Day, so I figured it's a great day
to show my love for you. 
(& Pinterest, of course)

Heres just a few little pretties to start your day.
Hope it's a great one :)

Happy Valentine's Day
(especially to my handsome valentine.)


I am woman...

...hear me roar
see me covered in paint.

(Thats actually not me or my paint color, but you get the picture)

Todd and I are officially homeowners! 
Conveniently enough, Todd is also the current owner of some sort of stomach flu.
There is more than enough work for the both of us (and our kind helpful parents), 
and being the excited impatient person I am, I'm taking on the bulk of the work this week.

I'll be back next week with some good posts!
I can't wait to share some before & afters with you.

Hope you all are having a good week!