New Obsession

So, I have a new favorite thing.
A new element I'm determined to incorporate in the wedding.
Well, not new like you've never heard of it,
just new like I haven't drooled over it before.
(Why in the world not!?)

Mercury Glass, be still my heart.

What do you think?
Rustic Elegance?


Monday Monday

Hey there, Hi there!

How was everyone's weekend?
We had a great couple of days reuniting with friends & living a life sans reception.
Now it's Monday and I have 86 million things to reply to.
(you're right, that might be a slight exaggeration)

Anywheats, I'm off to play catch up!

Enjoy your day!


Next Big Project

We've checked a lot off of our to-do list, but there is one large project 
left looming over our heads.
Painting the exterior.

Any guesses which color we're leaning towards?



Living Vicariously...

Through my best friend's

I was actually slightly in on this plan
& managed to not spill the beans!
Big Ups to the men who have to keep this secret as they actively plan, 
because I was barely involved and was dying inside.

I'm so happy for the two of you.
You are a perfectly yin/yang-ed, adventurous, fun loving couple...
...and I already can't wait to throw a couples shower!

Um, also, can someone say joint bachelorette? AMAZING.

Let's hear it for Claire & John!



Today's Project

Todd and I are trying to get our ducks in a row
for our (6 months later) housewarming party
were tentatively planning for September.

Today's project is to finish a DIY cornice boxes I've been making
I'll share when I'm all done, but heres some inspiration in the meantime:

Oooh, so exciting!
Do you have any big plans for this week?


Happy Weekend :)

We've got lots of house projects on schedule for this weekend.
Hope yours is filled with whatever it is that makes you fulfilled.

See you Monday!


Man Cave Makeover

Well tonight were finally planning on getting up all the 
cool art we have for Todd's mancave!
This room is the first room most people enter into the house,
and the room where everyone conjugates when people are over.

Needless to say, until now it's been just a room.
Can't wait to see the different a little art makes.

I'll be sure to show you pictures when were all done :)


County Fair

Today I'm headed to our local County Fair with all the kids from summer camp
(Lord, help me)

I'm assuming it won't be, but it would be a little easier for me if all fairs were this pretty...

Wish me luck!


Look What I Helped With!

My friend Mandy threw her son Grady a fabulous 

I was lucky enough to be able to help.
Let's take a looksie, shall we?

It was a hit! What do you think?