Many of you have probably already seen this, 
but I am just squealing with delight
I mean, does it get any cuter than this?

Visit her page for detailed instructions on how to make
and decorate these deliciously adorable little guys!


Currently Being Inspired By...

Winter White!

There is something so sophisticated about the perfect combination of winter whites.
Dreamy, cozy, & fab.

Let me show you what I mean:

Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!
I certainly did & am now (in case you couldn't tell) in the full holiday spirit!

Happy Monday!



and one of those things is definitely you.


Welcome to dinner

Since we can't all be in the same place this holiday,
I thought I would invite you to this internet table of sorts.
And because this gathering is imaginary,
I thought my menu could be as well :)

If I had the worlds largest table & you could all sit around it this holiday
(and I had actual time management skills, and twice as much equipment in the kitchen),
heres what I would serve:

(can never have too many carbs on Schpanks!)

Pumpkin Pie, duh.

and just to spice things up, a Bourbon Pecan Pie

Shoot! Now I'm super hungry & have to wait two more days...

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
Cooking anything fun?



who's excited for Thanksgiving?
(me X 100)

As opposed to posting about beyond predictable pilgrim hats & feathers, 
I thought I'd show you what I'm really thankful for right now...

Um, hello!

What's not to be thankful for?
Hope you're having a great day!



Just a little load for this fall Friday :)


Need this pressed 4-leaf clover necklace.

and then there's this:

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend.
Only a few more days until Thanksgiving, can you believe it?


Link Love

Good Day, faithful readers.
In the teensie amount of spare time I have,
 I was scraping trying to come up with an adequate post for today's Tasty Tuesday.
 Naturally, I checked my favorite blogs, when it occurred to me that you too might like to know
where I find all the delicious beauty I put on this little'ol blog of mine.


So, I thought I'd share some of my FAVORITE foodie hot spots.
They are loaded with delicious recipes & drool worthy photographs.
Let's take a looksie at some of my daily reads.

First off, the queen of pops herself, Bakerella.

While she is an expert at crafting little edible adorableness, 
she's also got a plethora of tasty treats from breakfast to (most importantly) dessert

Next up, the ever so accountable, Annie of Annie's Eats.
This talented lady posts DAILY delectable creations
(and occasionally photos of her sweet kids as well)
and in between all the must have recipes, she even finds time for some fabulous posts about
 preparation & organization - my kind of girl!

Besides the fact that Jessica is a whiz in the kitchen and behind the lens,
she's also hysterical.
 (and smoking hot for someone who makes so much heart-attack enducing delicious food)
She's a great read, and I've flagged many of her recipes in my favorites folder.

Sydney, is a 22 year old (yep, 22) wonder in the kitchen, 
posting great little stories aside her alluring recipes. 
I love that her recipes are complex enough to make you feel accomplished, 
but easy enough to not make you want to give up cooking altogether.

I mean, what else is there to say?
Love how organized her site is, worship her photog skills
(all taken with a hint of rustic charm)
and drool daily over her deliveries.
Someone call Intervention.

I could go on, but I'll give you time to devour these guys first.
Do you have any favorite foodie blogs?


A little birdie told me...

Happy Monday!

I'm so excited to be getting to know new friends
& giving away a CUSTOM giveaway over at

go over & become a follower for a chance to enter.

Also, hi! If you're new here from Jessica's wonderful blog.
So glad to have you :)

Hope it's a great one!