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Proceed with caution!
As sass-a-frass as this is, a little goes a long way
and it's very easy to go overboard.

Here are some of my faves:
God bless a sweet pair of shades.
Found these mamas on Kaboodle.com 

Leopard print Chucks? Love them!

The Chucks were too much? How about these subtly sassy flats?

Nicole Richie showing how a little goes a long way
with the leopard print scarf over a casual white tee and jeans look.

So marvelous!

In a space like this.
A little sass in a lot of class.

I found the chair above on Ebay!

How about these cute tights?
Again, a little goes a long way, but this girl is working it out.
(please also note the pearls!)
Buy yourself some tights here

(a sassy girl like me would only ever buy the leopard one)

I love this.

I looked at a lot of cakes and baked goods, and I have to say this cake
from, Cake Central  had the most realistic painting technique
check out their stuff.

NowPublic  posted this to-die-for
little dog tie.
What a perfect number for a handsome and sassy gentleman.

OK, Wild things, until next time...

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Currently being inspired by...

Polka Dots!

This pattern, a clear indicator of our inner child,
pops up all over the place as preppy alternatives to the norm

Here are some of my faves:

Um, could you die?
Green polka dot cupcake liners!
Even if your cupcakes were disgusting
they would still be gobbled up
go to Confectionery House and order some in your favorite color

A la Minnie Mouse.
A cute little cuff watch I found on...

A great way to spruce up your appetizers on game day.
Go here and get one for your team

Rachel Bilson, once again, working it out, this time in polka dots

I like it a latte.
De Cuisine you are masterminds.

A great gift for a recipe shower
or as a hostess gift.
Found this bad boy on the Merry Martini

This is too too cute for words.
I can't.
yum yum get me some at The Second Bedroom

Love the gold buckle!
Check it

A great place to ponder which polka dot find you'll purchase next.

How about these sassy little numbers?
The Preppy Polka Dot will monogram them in any
font and colors and add any detail you want to the bottom
I smell a bachelorette party idea!

Thats all for now, my doves.

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Currently being inspired by...


So classy, yet so sassy.

Here are some of my faves:

Most notably, pearls are worn as single strand necklaces
as seen here on the quirky yet fabulous Chloe

or  big and chunky like on this excited blonde.

Here we have EMBOSSED cupcakes.
They're little oysters and pearls!
How flawless.
Le Cupcake posted these gorgeous finds.

Need a beautiful place to put those beautiful cupcakes?
How about a pearl rimmed cake stand?
Gorgeous. Thanks a lot, Elizabeth Embellishments.

What a great gift for the bride and groom?
A mother of pearl frame with a picture from their special day.
find one like it here

How about this cute DIY?
Originally made as just a hanging embellishment for Valentine's day,
The Ruffled Blog made it into a ring bowl.
Check out her instructions.

Speaking of wedding, I though this was quite a unique gift...
Pearl chopsticks in an oyster bowl!
Found here

Mother of Pearl.
Check out this MOP tile. 
Super sassy on a whole wall, or just a pinch of sass
as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom.
for more interior ideas visit Janet McCann Associates

This pearl detailed Bolero jacket is right up my alley
The high shoulders are very in right now, and I couldn't be more pleased with the find
I could however be more pleased with the price.
Out of my range here

Blair, my dove, you've done it again
Simple pearl strand headband.
How much better can it get?

Please note the pearl strand draping from the first "n"
What a cute invitation for a dinner party or rehearsal din-din.

And last but not least...
I am the best air-drummer this side of the Mississippi
but if I were a real drummer, this green Pearl would be my kit.

Keep it classy until next time.


Currently being inspired by...


Much like plaid, you it either you love it or you hate it.
Can you guess how I feel about it?

Here are some of my faves:

Manolo Home posted these cutie patooties in a slew of other gingham finds.
Perfect for a summer picnic or just dressing up a dinner on the couch.

The always stylish Rachel Bilson rocking the casual look 
with help from our good friend, Gingham.

Todd would love these.
This Etsy artist posted these handkerchiefs 

Here is Todd, My cousin Zac and I in our 'staches on Christmas.

How about this ADORABLE table-scape!
Please note the oven mitts filled with pizza dough at every setting
as well as the pizza cake for dessert!
Thank you Bonnie Lane for posting this adorable find.

A perfect gift for your bridesmaids.
My sister gave all of us monogrammed bags at her rehearsal dinner
and I thought it was such a good gift.
Something we will definitely use again.
go here and order some in your color!

Here is Lizzy and her bridesmaids with their bags.

For the gents out there.
A perfect way to pair gingham.
go to Male style review for more tips.

A Gingham wedding?
Yes please!
Primma Donna Bride posted this lovely summer wedding.

perfect for a nursery!

I'm a sucker for white kitchens
and I'm a sucker for wallpaper
so this combo is lethal.
How perf?

A charm ing little way to identify your pet.
posted by this Etsy artist.

I smell a Valentine's DIY!
Paired with some homemade or freshly bought bread?
Print the labels and get other ideas here

Alright guys, check ya later.

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