Enough about you...

...let's talk about me :)
I struggle a bit with this blog being too self-absorbed, 
but now that I have an iPhone, all hope is lost.
I just want to share all things me & mine.

My latest obsession (which comes as a surprise to no one)
is Instagram (follow me @megmacdesign)

Here's a few that I've taken since my iPhone and I got together:

heart shaped paint stain

(a few of) our groomsmen

handsome hubby

post wedding dress shopping refreshments

a day in the life

the iPhone cover i designed :)

Hot puppy

Party nail!

my love.

Flynn Thomas

Ladies on our way to a country show

making our way to the front


Pool's open!

Gift wrapped


Grown man still loves his video games (Lord, help me)

Ony makes herself comfy?

Favor Tags for Flynn's baptism

Road Trip

Sleepy Puppy

More gifts (same tissue paper)

Happy Weekend!


Look what I did!

I know, again right!? Ugh, get over yourself! 
 This one is really fun though, I promise :) 
 It's a pretty popular design model, but this one's theme was WAY too much fun! 
 Can we stop and discuss the GAGA themed bachelorette? 
My fabulous client basically gave me reign to run with it 
And while I'm by no stretch Gaga's biggest fan,
I had a blast putting it all together with her iconic looks and fun lyrics.

Let's take a looksie!

Fabulous, right?

What do you think?


Our Photographer

Guys, We're making progress!
We officially have:

- A Venue
- A Date
- A Wedding Party
- An Officiant
- A potential dress
- A Photographer!!

Today I just have to share her with you.
As an over documenter myself, the photos were really important to me.
These are memories locked in time, people!!
Her photo journalism style is exactly how I want our big day captured.

Let's just let them speak for ourselves, shall we?
Ladies & Gents, I present Lark Photography

Check out her page for LOTS of other goodies.
And give her a big ol' thumbs up on Facebook


Whoops, Hey!

Whats up, Impromptu Week-Long Blogging Break?
How has everyone been?
Totally unexpected break I took there, but I was so busy last week
I'm afraid none of the posts would have been worthy of reading anyway.

Although it's only Monday, this weekend were going on a little mini road-trip
away for the weekend. So I've got to make sure all my ducks are in a row before I go.
I love a good getaway so I've got the trip on my brain.

While I get all my things together, let's celebrate the roadtrip :)

Happy Monday!


Look What I Helped With!

Sorry to do two self promoting posts in a row, but this one is less about me
and more about a favorite client of mine, Delaine.

I first "met" Delaine when we worked on her boarding pass save the date, 
and then as her big day got closer we collaborated on lots of little goodies for the reception.

The happy couple were nice enough to send me photos from their big day
courtesy of their fabulous photographer, Dennis Berti.

Delaine & Steve are a gorgeous couple with warm hearts and only kind words to say.
Let's take a look at their big day!

OBSESSED can not even begin to describe my thoughts on that last photo.
Delaine, thank you for letting me be a part of your big day.
I wish you and Steve a lifetime of happiness!

What do you guys think?