*Sorry folks, blog has been being fussy. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

As I mentioned, were having people over this weekend for a little BBQ
and it's lit a fire under me to complete the backyard plans
we ignored all summer.

I'm doing my best to work with what we have,
so the general scheme is this kind of "Vintage-Found"

I've been super inspired by Suzani patterns as of late.
Love the old-world feel, bold pattern & bright colors.

What do you think?
Don't you love how many colors you can pull from one pattern?

Ugh, I do.


Planter There

So I'm a total rookie at this whole gardening thing.
My mom has a gorgeous lush backyard, my aunts practically invented gardening
and here I am, lucky if I don't kill a Hosta.

I am learning though!
(Sun & water are important people!)

I'm scrambling to get the backyard in shape 
for company this weekend 
& would love to spruce the place up with some flowers!
Problem is, my puppy will eat them if the terrible soil doesn't kill them first,
 and planters are expensive...
Or are they?

Loving this idea of using old-found objects as quirky planters.

What do you think?

Any tips?


Dog Days

Happy Monday.
Hope you had a great weekend! We did...but...
Admittedly, I'm a bit of a zombie today.
In my early morning hazy email perusal,
I noticed one from Joann's about "National Dog Day"
After further investigation, turns out it is!

So I thought a little Dog-Inspired post would be fitting.
Obviously starting with my favorites :)



Wedding Week: MegMac!

Well, here we are. 
The end of our wedding week journey.
Hope you're not too wedding-ed out :(

I got a lot of compliments on how personalized our wedding was!
I wasn't going above & beyond to have people react that way...
I just think from working with brides all year and having seen my fair share of weddings,
I knew I didn't want it to be cookie-cutter.

I also (believe it or not) spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest
& with that whole can of worms I had more than enough ideas.

I shared snips with you before, but I made our invitations:

I painted a bunch of signs for our venue

I created our wedding programs

put together our menus and little cards to acknowledge our home grown food

I made an escort board

and seating cards for our head table

I did a rustic little take on the family tree...

I had a friend from high school draw our pictures 
& made them into little buttons for our guests to wear...

and we made favors for everyone with a sentimental little back story

Creating all of these things for our special day
and having people notice the time & effort made it all worthwhile.

Obviously the day was about Todd & I and had it just been the two of us at a courthouse 
it would have been perfect.
 But to be able to flex my creative muscles, sing & dance with everyone we love,
 and be in a perfectly personalized atmosphere
made it all the more special.

I'm so glad you stuck around all week!
Thanks for re-living this magical day with me.
I wish it could be wedding week every week!