Well, in case you haven't been paying attention, grey and I are in a very serious relationship.
I know all you design savvy folk understand me, 
but seriously I think there is grey in every room of the house.
Most people would picture a dreary drab abode longing for color and life, 

This isn't going to happen this week, but my next big project for the kitchen 
is to get a wood, rectangular shaped table for my new breakfast nook (!!!) 
and Greywash it. I'm not sure if I'm making that word up or not, but here is my inspiration:

You know, a little beat up, looks like it's been out in the sun...
a needed change of pace from the dark wood we've got going on in the rest of the house.
(Don't get it twisted, super dark espresso wood is still my #1!)

So! Anyone successfully DIYed this? 
Does it have an actual name that will make Googling such a project easier?
Anyone have a rectangular wood table they're looking to get rid of ;)


Kitchen Report (pt. 100?)

Today begins phase one of project 900 for the kitchen.
Any guesses what I'm making?

subtle, right?


Let's Hang Out

Still going strong on kitchen updates.
Got us a nice new Craigslist fridge that actually fits in the kitchen :)
I've started to arrange our things in the open cabinets.
It's a challenge for sure, but one thing that I think will help out are some hanging mugs!
How sweet is this little addition?

I mean, if thats not charming I don't know what is.

Happy Tuesday!


Last we left...

Hey ya'll.
Last time I left you, we were about to tackle this...

We put some paint on the walls...

with some supervision of course.

and then we started on the cabinets...

You'll just have to hold your horses for more of that.

What have you been up to? Take on any house projects?


Here we go...

Well, no set in stone plans for the awkward corner in the kitchen...
but either way, paint is going up this weekend!

what about you?
Any plans for the weekend?
I'll see you with updates on Monday!




Im obsessed with Valentine's day.
And not just because I have a handsome man to share it with.
I just love the happy moods, little pressies, red & pink colors, cutsie outfits.
I'm in.
Hope you have a good one, even if it is spent talking about how much you hate this holiday.

Where do you think I found these images ?

Oh, and Todd, I'm in love with you :)


corner solutions

So, I know I STILL haven't shown any house tours,
but it's probably because even after a gagillion hours of "rehab"
and a serious update, it still doesn't feel complete enough to share.

Case in point, the kitchen.
At it's current state it's 100% better than it was, 
but my dream of a big white kitchen (on a budget) looks amateur and DIRTY.
Also, as the rest of the home has developed, the color palette is all wrong.

So, like any design minded lady crazy person,
I'm planning a complete overhaul (still on a budget)

Out with the white cabs and in with the moody grey!
Open shelving, breakfast nooks, wood backsplash and 
a MUCH SMALLER, "built in" fridge are on the agenda.

One of my many hurdles is this awkward, unusable corner I'm trying to mend.
Storage shouldn't be taken away, but for a cute enough option, I'm willing to knock something down :)

Here's what I'm talking about:

The new Craigslist fridge will be the same or only slighter deeper than the counter, 
and were planning on creating a "built in" look to be able to better utilize the uppers.

(Inspo pic from John + Sherry)

Still, the awkward corner seems dark and unusable.  
What should I do to make it better?

lose the doors and add some pretty storage like these?

lose the cabinets altogether and insert a little appliance garage?

rig up some window-facing storage?

make a little nook for cookbooks?

maybe just leave it alone and add some extra storage/organization on the outside?

I mean, let's be real, if there was no budget we'd be working with something like this:

{1}  {2}  {3}

So QUICK! What do you think? I'm off for paint/fabric samples...TODAY!


Breakfast in Bed?

You know what I love?
Pretty preppy themes...and breakfast food.
Naturally I am drawn to Valentine's Day for it's Kate Spade-esque patterns and colors
and what do I even have to explain about breakfast? Sweet + Salty, hello!!
Well, it being Valentine's week and all, 
Pinterest is CHALK FULL of sweet + delicious looking lovebird breakfasts perfect for your hunny
(Or yourselves, girls! I will survive!)

Here were the favorites I found:

I don't even like strawberries....but I LOVE this.

Um, Nutella French Toast? You had me at "um"

well, this isn't breakfast food, per se...but COME ON

What are you doing for Thursday? Anything?



So, I would recommend that everyone gets married.
I am beyond overwhelmed with the love + support we've received since our engagement
and just wish everyone could feel what I do.

This weekend was my very first (Valentine's themed) wedding shower.
It was perfect! Lots of pink + red, mimosa's, friends, family, laughs...

One of my bridesmaids, Monika, was nice enough to run around with my camera
(trust me there would be no pictures if it was up to me)
so I wanted to share some of the details & fabulous ladies who came out to celebrate.

First things first, let's get a drink :)

My sister (and amaze hostess) added a recipe card with each invitation, 
so everyone brought me a favorite recipe!

 Mimosa Bar!!

My soon to be sist-in-law

obligatory gift pose. 

Mom & MIL

Friends & Bridesmaids!

Seriously, fabulous day! I'm still on a buzz of happy & grateful (ok, maybe a little mimosa too)

What did you all do this weekend?