Mikey's Vintage Airplane Christening

See, with all those holidays, it felt odd to post 
all these fun non-holiday parties & designs I have been working on.

Now that we've got a clean slate,
I've got PLENTY 
in store for you.

First up, MIKEY!
My friend Effie contacted me to help her make
some invitations for her son's christening.
This girl knows how to throw a party
so to say I was excited to be a part of it,
would be a very large understatement.

She knew she wanted a vintage air/travel theme
and she was loving the vintage airmail stripe.
We played around with a few designs
until we ultimately ended up with this bad boy:


I mean, so cute, right!?
Effie's in New York so she took it from there, 
but was nice enough to send us all some pictures
of the event.
Here's what she had to say,

"Michael's Christening was a major hit especially the invitations! 
I kept to the vintage airplane/travel theme throughout the reception"

"The seating cards, located on a table labeled Check-In, 
were 'In-Flight Snacks' -  Peanut Bags with a Kraft luggage Tag with seating info."

"The Favors were located on a Baggage Claim Table 
and were glitter propeller plane ornaments. 
I baked airplane cookies and 
had chocolate airplane lollipops made to go along with the favors!"

"The Cake was a vintage suitcase 
with a fondant airplane 
which was designed to compliment the gorgeous invitation ;)"

" I made the centerpieces with vintage propeller planes 
with a canvas flag personalized with Michael's name and baptismal date. 
The airplanes were resting on Aviation and Map  
boxes made to look like old books."


"I also made the banner with Michael's name 
and airplanes painted on canvas flags"
" I had (his) christening shoes bedazzled with his initials 
because I couldn't resist a little sparkle...even if he is a boy!" 
 "I added a picture of Mike and I with the baby 
and Yankees player Mariano Rivera 
who happened to be at my dads restaurant and took pics with the entire party!" 

"My goal was for the party to have a classic and vintage feel with playful touches" 

I'd say she achieved her goal, right?
CHEERS to little Mikey, and his fabulous mama!

Love the invitation so much you want to plan a party around it too?
How perfect for you, they just got added to the shop



Happy 2014!

I feel like I haven't checked in with you since last year!
(ba dum...)

You know, I really don't understand how all these profesh bloggers
juggle work, holidays, and blogging!
I'm clearly not the best at it.

Hope you & yours had a great holiday season,
I've got lots of fun things in store for 2014!

Can't wait to get it underway!

Here's whats been going on since last time:

 It snowed...

I baked and ate WAY too many goodies

Todd had a birthday :)

Christmas with the family!

Santa knew exactly what we wanted...

took my godson bowling for the first time
he loved it & literally beat most of the adults...

gave Porkchop a pre-midnight kiss for the New Year

It continued to snow...and my good friend Katie did her best to bail me out :)

pretty much hasn't stopped snowing

 but that wouldn't stop us from a themed birthday party!

nails and all!

Hope you guys are staying warm,
having fun, and ready for a FABULOUS year ahead!