Updates, Ya'll!

Word up!
Anyone else out there really looking forward to Thanksgiving
but feeling a little cramped for time with this short week business?
Just me? Great.

Besides my little craft projects, 
I haven't shared what we've been up to lately, 
thought I would do that today :)

Got my house feeling all cozy

the dogs were equal parts spazzy...

and sweet :)

Todd & I busted out the ol' Nintendo 64.
Don't even worry about it, I was peach & he was DK.

Worked on some party flare

Visited with Baby Flynn

and I've been prepping all my Thanksgiving treats this week!
I'll be sure to share with you!

Another fun thing I got to do last week 
was go to my VERY FIRST
Stella & Dot Trunk show!
Obviously I'm familiar with the company,
but I had never been to a party! 
My good friend Mandy hosted & the combo of her house 
and those jewels made for a FABULOUS evening :)

Mandy & I collaborated ahead of time on some 

...and may I just say they looked just a cute as all the jewels!

It was such a fun evening, even her little peanut, Grady, got in on the fun :)

They are running some FABULOUS deals until the end of the month,
just in time for the holidays! 
As many things as I wanted for myself, 
I kept looking around thinking 
what great gifts they would all make!

Take a look for yourself here

So, thats all I got.
 What have you been up to?
Big plans for Thanksgiving?


Thanks! (and giving.)

Okay, first of all THANK YOU!
You sure know how to make a girl feel special :)
I was so touched by everyone who helped share my Facebook Page
because of you we reached the next milestone of followers!
How freaking fun!
Now, I'm sure we all have somewhere to go 
or at least someone to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, right?
Well I certainly do and I try to never show up empty handed...
so I thought I would share the wealth and maybe
you can show your appreciation to your dinner hosts...or guests!!


These guys can be printed on label paper to make sweet little stickers

Or printed on cardstock to make a little card.
All you would need is a hole punch and some string

All the tags are ready to be filled out and given with love!

No time to write your own message?
Perhaps these are more up your alley...

I LOVE giving breads as gifts. 
Nobody has even been pissed at freshly baked bread.
And they would certainly excuse your temptation to their diet
if they had these little wraps on them!

Cute right?
These guys can be found, right here in my shop :)

Be sure to take pictures of your creations, 
I would love to share what you guys do!

and just in case I haven't said it enough...
for your continued support.  Ya'll are the best. 



Take a SIT!

Okay, sorry to constantly reference terrible telivision, 
but Paulina Rubio has the cutest little accent, 
and when she would "save" one of her contestants on X-Factor
she would tell them to have a seat,  
but it would come out as "Take a SIT!"
{please fast forward through this terrible version of "Call Me Maybe" (sorry Al) to 4:15 for an example}

But again,  I. DIE. GRESS.
 Now where was I...
Oh yes! Wouldnt it be fun to Take a SIT! at your Thanksgiving Table 
if one of these little guys was waiting for you?
One day I will have a grand dining room big enough to house all 
my crazy family (love you guys!)
But until then I'll just dream up little tablescapes like this:

So, who needs some for their own Thanksgiving table?
Keep your eyes out on my Facebook page for a chance to get your very own

In the meantime, what are your Thanksgiving plans?
Tablescape dreamings?
Would love to hear all about them!



Friday, Ya'll.

We made it! Happy weekend everyone!
I am SO pleased to announce that we

I am beyond grateful for a life full off family, friends and activites
but every once in awhile it's nice to have
NOTHING on the agenda (can I get an amen?)

Hoping to catch up on a little work,
some Walking Dead & serious quality time with the couch.
Maybe I'll even go pick up some leaves...
...one thing at a time, we'll just have to see what the weekend allows! Plus, the dogs seem to love them. 

Hope you enjoy yourselves as much as I will!
See you next week with a handful of new projects to share!


A Birthday Present

Hi friends!
Wow, who would have thunk!
I'm always trying to put up pretty pictures
and think of fun posts...and
little card I whipped up
was so popular!

Perhaps you like my little crafts?
Well good - 'cause I'm sharing another one today :)

My good friend Katie had a birthday recently
and my creative juices got flowing!

Once again, I grabbed all the things I had in my office 
that screamed "Katie" to me.  I printed up a little cover too.
She loves her some gold, mint & blush so I stuck with that theme.
(Katie and I are not lovers, however we are constantly 
on the lookout for ways to be together, so we joke that we should be sister wives
and then we could just be together all the time!)

Once I had all my pieces I started layering until I got this:

I added some paper to the inside and hand wrote a little message

Some coordinating paper for the envelope liner & we were cooking with gas

all that was left was some detail

and my card was complete!

Katie is a photographer, so I also embellished and framed a little print

and made a label for a scented candle

Not sure if it was a tease, or just a fun little extra
(for me it was just that it matched the scheme!)
but I stuck it all in a Tiffany's bag and was chomping at the bit to give everything to her!

So what do you think?
Do you like the gold/mint/blush combo?
Ever DIY a present?

Happy Birthday to my dear Katie!
Now it's back to the drawing board - 
I've got a few more birthday's coming up!!