Last Minute Halloween!

Happy Halloween, my loves!

So sorry I mysteriously disappeared there!
The party took up some time, and then there was some last minute traveling,
you know... life.

I'll be sure to share the details from the party tomorrow, 
but thought today - just in case you need to whip up some last minute
trick-or-treats -  I would share with you the cupcakes I busted out last night.

See, part time I work at an after school program, 
and I love to make little themed treats
for all the kiddies on holidays. 
(Who am I kidding, I just love an excuse for a themed treat)
Usually I do a little better job of planning ahead, 
but like I said...life. 

Using store bought cake mix and frosting 
I made three different simple-enough halloween cupcakes. 
Wanna see?


First, The Spiderweb:

So, whatever your flavor of choice, you want to frost the cupcake flat.
(don't worry about piping on something elaborate)
Take a contrasting color (I went with white) and fill up a piping bag.
(A little sandwich bag will do fine if you don't have the fancy stuff.)
Snip off the corner, be careful not to cut it on an angle - you want a straight(ish) thin line

then make yourself some circles.
These are regular sized cupcakes and I got three good rings on there.
Depending on how little you snip your bag, you might be able to get more.

Once your circles are done, you want to grab a clean toothpick 
and start dragging the frosting from the middle to the outside edge. 

repeat, repeat, repeat

Now all they need is a little plastic spider & you're good to go.
Boom, one down.

Next, The Pumpkin.
(You'll probably have better luck than I did!)

Again, just frost them flat
(although these could still be pumpkins if you piped on the frosting...)

Get yourself a few tootsie rolls

and stick those suckers in there, for some de-lish stems!

you could stop there or you could add some details...
(toothpicks & sprinkles are your best friends.)

or if you wanted to add a little more... 
put some green frosting in a piping bag

...remember when I said you could use a sandwich bag if you don't have the legit piping bag?
Well careful. Cheap baggies + tiny hole = lots of pressure.

You might be able to do something like this

and they could also come out like this

Martha we are not, so don't beat yourself up too much :)

Okay... last but certainly not least,

The Melted Witch:

you got it, get yourself some green frosting
I piped these on, but not too high...just wanted a little more than a spread.

Now you'll need some fudge stripes, 

some hershey kisses,

and a little frosting for glue...

so cute right!?
Well you could easily stop there, or...

Grab some fun paper, cut out some little shoe shapes,

glue those to a striped paper straw and


Easy enough, right?
If I can do 3 dozen at the end of the day, 
you could certainly handle making a few before your festivities tonight!

Whatever the day brings, I hope you have fun!

Happy Halloween!
(Mwah, ha, ha!)


Halloween Invitations

Of all the parties I've thrown 
(and trust me, it's been a lot!)
I have NEVER thrown an official Halloween Party!

Well, this year I get to! 
Yep, this Saturday were having some friends over for a little 
Costumes & Cocktails party.
Eventually were going to meet people out on the town,
so even though this soiree is on the small side (for me)
I couldn't help but put together a little invite to set the mood.

As previously mentioned, I'm obsessed with Halloween,
and on a broader scale, a theme in general,
but people are hesitant to dress up and travel by themselves. 
 I thought getting everyone together before we go out 
would be the perfect opportunity to get everyone excited to be in costume!

Here's what I sent out:

I should mention that although I originally had them packaged in mini bags 
that were stuffed with tissue, essentially making a mini padded envelope, 
the new person at the post office was not having it that they could be sent through the mail...
I ended up re-packaging in actual envelopes, which takes away from the design a bit, 
but I'm just happy they all made it to their destination.

What are you doing for Halloween?
Did you send out any invitations?



girrrrrrl, it is FA-REZZING in the midwest.
I know better than to complain, because it's not even winter yet, but...

We haven't trick-or-treated or carved a turkey yet,
why is it snowing?

Seeing as the weather is out of my hands 
and my frugal husband isn't quite ready to turn the heat on,
I'm forced to layer.

Today I'm dreaming of cozy warmness all over me.
I'm talking bundle me in layers until I look like 
(a hopefully chic version of) the little brother from
A Christmas Carol.

Socks, cable knit, faux fur, plaid, and lots of hot beverages.
If you need me today, I'll be under a pile of all of it.

Please fall weather, come back soon.


A (sarcastic) Birthday Present

This weekend's wedding was also
 the same day as our friend's birthday.

Neither he or I wanted to take away from the event at hand,
but I didn't want him to think his day was going unnoticed.

I whipped up a little something to let him know I care...
but not too much :)

Thought I would share, because it was easy enough to put together &
for all you lucky folk, it's available for instant download in the shop!

Just click here

Cute right?
Do anything nice for your favorites lately?

Happy Tuesday!


Weekend Recap: Bestie Got Hitched!

What a magical couple of days!
It was so fun & wonderful to be a part of my best friend's
(since kindergarten!)
Wedding Weekend!
The love she & John have for one another is second to none
and it was a true pleasure to be able to stand with them and witness their commitment.

Not to mention, little miss detail didn't miss a beat!

Shall we re-cap the weekend?

First of all, getting our group of girlfriends together for the first time in the actual
church is not the best idea. We were a little giddy to be seeing each other for the first time,
and may or may-not have been scolded by the nun a time or two, but never the less got through rehearsal...

then we had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant, and the girls headed off for our 7th grade sleepover and the boys went back home to do...whatever boys do before a wedding...

The next morning we all ran around "wooing" at the bride whenever she would walk by, drinking mimosas, getting our faces on and gearing up for the ceremony.

once we got all dolled up it was off to the church...in a school bus :)

and then we headed to their venue - the FABULOUS Architectural Artifacts

we toasted, and danced the night away.

it was a PERFECT evening for the new Mr. & Mrs.

(can we discuss this photo by my girl, Katie!? Amazing.)

Thank you to Claire + John for allowing me to be a part of your day.

It was definitely one for the books
Love you both!


I heart Halloween!

In case you hadn't already picked up on the clues,
I am a sucker for a theme.

Halloween happens to be a favorite of mine,
and being the expert discount shopper that I am...
each year I open my stash and find
 new things I purchased on close out the year before! 
It's like finding cash in jeans you haven't worn in awhile (love that!)

So in an effort to cheer up this dreary midwestern day,
I thought I would share with you 
how our house's festiveness is coming along :)
(via terrible cell phone pics, sorry!)

Also, please picture Todd & I doing that "Muah ha ha!" 
laugh everytime I add something new to the decor.
That sweet man could give two hoots about Halloween 
...or any themed event really,
but he knows that I love it, so he plays along. 
Yeah, I guess I'll keep hims :)

here's the front door.  
Please keep in mind, everyone comes in & out of our house from the side door...
obviously it's been a bit neglected.
What is happening with that concrete?
Meh, looks good from the street, thats all that really counts, right?

How about you? Do you decorate for Halloween?
Do you laugh maniacally every time you add something new?
If not, you should. Makes things fun.