Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

I'm thankful for 
- The very special loved ones around me
- An exciting year ahead
- A creative mind & an internet full of inspiration
- Turkey shaped treats
- Every single one of you.

What are you thankful for?



I'm officially off for the long weekend!
I have the terrible task of taking my puppies to the kennel today :(
Fortunately we know and love the people who will be taking care of them.
I'm at ease knowing that tonight is one of my favorite nights!
  Everyone is home for the holiday and no one has to work in the AM, 
so everyone's down for a celebration.
We called it "Black Wednesday" but Todd and his buddies call it "Snakesgiving"
In honor of the event I've rounded up some fabuloussssss finds.

Have a ssssssssafe and ssssssssassy evening :)



Red Red Wine

Morning, lovers.
This thanksgiving week makes me long for those 
deep, rich colors.
Emerald, Navy, Goldenrod and of course, Merlot.

Love it?



Who would have thought that such a subdued colored palette 
could be so freaking fabulous!?

In love.

Too boring? Or just right? You tell me.

Happy Friday


Golden Child

Having a small obsession with metallics
specifically Miss. Gold
(notice how i didn't even make excuses for my month+ long blogging hiatus and just went straight into posting, clever blogger)

What are you obsessing over?