I'm back!

Whats up, blog world!?
So life has been a bit busy! 
Wedding planning + wedding season
has gotten me a little over my head!

I do love blogging and the inspiration it provides me
but have been a bit overwhelmed as of late.

I'm making a (public) promise to post on the daily
and it all starts today!

How about we just catch up on what I've been up to since we last touched base...

Started some plans on the upstairs bathroom

Made some St. Patty's treats for my kids at Tiger Den

...we also decorated easter eggs 
(yes it's been so long TWO holidays have gone by)

Had my patience tested with our 2 naughty dogs

Got our wedding invitations out
(I'll do a more detailed post about those soon)

...and have been receiving some RSVPS!!

I even got to celebrate Flynn Thomas' 1st birthday :)

Whew! That was quite a bit!
Promise to be back tomorrow with more.
Hope you're well!