Happy Birthday, Handsome!

Today is my most favorite man's (besides my popsicle) birthday!

Todd, lover of bacon, maker of to-do lists, hunter of houses & slayer of bambi deer.
I'm so glad you're my man & beyond thrilled to see what the future has in store for us.
May your day be a full as your dream 'stache!

Happy Birthday!

...and happy Friday to the rest of yous!


It's just snow

Today (in Illinois, in December) were supposed to get this cold
white fluffy stuff fall from the sky & actually accumulate on the ground...
I can't remember what it's called ag-
Oh yeah, snow.

Okay, so I know I'm a grump about this,
but seriously people? It's December. It's Illinois. 
This will be a tiny sprinkling compared to the snowpocalypse we survived two years ago, 
everyone calm down - IT'S GOING TO BE OK.

Now, take a deep breath and look at these snow pretties :)

* * *


Christmas Treats

Friday is Todd's holiday Christmas party
and as much as I wish I could show up empty handed, 
Im in this odd competition with myself to outdo...myself.
I'm in the process of trying to find a delicious & cute treat to bring
so his work family can see how good he's got it at home
(Even if our lack of dryer is causing the laundry pile to tower over the laundry room door 
& basically every square inch of our home is covered in dog hair)

Here's a few that made me smile :)

I've got one I think will work fabulously, but these would all be viable options 
if you have an insane inner-need to impress everyone spread holiday cheer.

Happy Baking!


The Chalkboards were hung...

Loving this chalkboard trend, people! 
From signs, to cards, to wreaths it's seems people are really jumping on board 
just in time for the holidays!

Oh and you all know this talented lady, correct?

Well, I may or may not have tried my hand at her style...

I just used a silver paint pen on a black foam board 
(and may or may not have ran out of ink..)
Close? I don't know how she just free hands this stuff. I was intensely studying every curve.


Kraft + Paint

How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was sprinkled with some life stresses, but I'm thankful
to be healthy & have a wonderfully supportive family and social circle.

We may not all have the means to buy everyone exactly what they want for Christmas,
but we can all certainly take a note from these projects to 
present our packages as pretty as can be
on little to no Kris Kringles! 

All it takes is the ever affordable Kraft paper, a little paint & some imagination!

What do you think? 
Gorgeous on a dime, no?

Happy Monday!


Happy Weekend

Did you all have a good week?
Who's ready for the weekend?
I'm planning on some Parenthood episodes & a little rendezvous with a bestie.
Happy to report the weather is back to normal & I may or may not have 
Christmas music ready to go in my car :)
Wow, I'm a huge dork.

Have a great one.

Did you check out the updates in the Lucky Dog Shop?



Okay okay, back off Peta. 
Obviously I wouldn't buy real fur.
I'm just pretending it's FAUX and you can too.

We experienced some apocolyptically warm weather the past two days,
but were back in the chill and I'm sure I'll regret saying 
this when my boogers instantly freeze in my nose, BUT
Christmas should be cold...
...if for no other reason than to bundle up in some pretties :)

But seriously, how fabulous?


This is my grown-up Christmas list.

Gift Guides are quite popular this time of year,
and while I could probably bust out a few ideas for the men, cooks, babies, etc
in our lives, I've opted instead to let you know what I'm really pining for.
Thats not selfish, right?

In no particular order...

STILL want a little polaroid

Some sweet Tony Lama's

What do YOU want from Santa?


Pink Christmas

Oh ladies, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just paint the town pink?
Not have to worry about offending our male room mates by adding feathers & glitter & bows (oh my!)
Okay, let's be real, there is certainly some "girly" going on in this house, but if I lived with girls
you better believe that would be stepped up a notch!

Of course you do.