Sir Mugsalot

This Monday is dreary & dragging.
I want to soak in a big mug full of coffee all day.

Todd and I have a little collection of mugs & 
heres a few I wouldn't mind adding to our collection:

Found all these beauts here


Friday Faves Returns!

Hey! It's been awhile since I compiled all my favorites of the week, right?
This week was definitely not a disappointment.
Let's take a looksie!

Okay, so I know it's bazaar, but this table melts my heart!

Lisa Leonard does it again!

Ikat nails? I die.

You couldn't really escape these guys this week.
How cute!?

This bag.
I need.

Well, I'm tying up some loose ends and then I'm off to 
Gah! Can't wait!

Hope you & yours have a great one!


Girls Girls Girls

Tomorrow a few of my besties and I are headed to a much needed girl's weekend.
Not sure I've ever been more in need of one.
Hook me up with some sparkle & sass!

Normally I would post this kind of a thing on Fridays, 
but I've got a nice little compilation of "Friday Faves" for tomorrow :)

Can't. Effing. Wait!



Jane's Addiction anyone?

Today is gloomy, but I'm working on this positive thinking thang
so bright, cheery, pastel JADE it is!

Love it?


B . O . H . O

I'm a firm believer in positive thinking.
I think if you focus your mind & spirit on something 
it will happen to you.

So, I'm focusing on summer.
thats not superficial, right?

Today it's a summer hope with a hippie twist:



Nantucket Red

This weekends sunny but slightly cool weather
has me longing for summer.
There are plenty of images that sum up summer,
but something about the preppy style of Nantucket
and that signature coral red style really gets me going.

Let's take a looksie:

What do you think?
How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!