Auntie 2.0

Today I am the proud aunt my second beautiful nephew!
Welcome to the world Baby Flynn!

I'm off to go meet the little guy!
Hope you have a great day!



Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Hope it's filled with lots of green, soda bread, whiskey & sunshine!
(Mine will be!)


The Letter Game

I thoroughly enjoy a monogram.
I'm also a little torn as to whether or not it's too self involved.
When I got engaged I was all over my soon to be new last initial.
I wanted to hang a gallery of H's somewhere in the house,
but not necessarily in the first place you look.
Somewhere subtle but sweet.

While doing some research I found these viable options.

What do you think?
Too much? Keep it simple?

...what if I already put them up?


Drape Crush

As mentioned before, I have a serious 
(but not yet professionally diagnosed)
case of OCD.

What can I say? I like my ducks in a row.
Since ditching all my work to put my house together would be unprofessional
(and probably upset a few clients)
I've been trying to prioritize which projects will calm my crazies the most.

First up, drapery.
I'm not sure why it's so important to me, I guess it just helps a room feel warm and complete?

I have drapes in my living room (whoop whoop!) and I have some picked out for the master, 
but the rest of the rooms are up for grabs.

Perhaps something like these?

Other things to be noted:

I don't have a money tree.
I fancy myself crafty.
I need some help.

Any tips for a pretty drapery on the cheap?

*All my images from here


Once Upon A Time...

There was this girl named Meghan.
She very much loved to blog about all the pretty things she found 
during her internet perusing. After years of living in rentals & with her parents, Meghan found herself overjoyed with the opportunity to blog about the updates to her very first home like all of the great bloggers that she looks up to do.

Then she found out that it's basically impossible. 

But seriously, hey, hi, how are ya?
I swear I've been documenting every step along the way, but nothing is quite finished enough for me to put on the internet like "Hey, look at my unfinished room!"
I have, however, gotten NUMEROUS requests to update the blog and post some pictures,
so I thought I'd share a few little teasers to wet your appetite.

Like I said, nothing is finished.
Lots of things are making good progress, but it's legit impossible for me to work from home, (while having serious OCD and wanting to put everything away instead), photograph, edit, create a post, cook, clean, and still have time for my handsome man.
I'm actually wondering how you people do it.

I'm hoping once I get a routine underway life will be a bit easier.
I'll do my best to be a better blogger.

First and foremost, this is our new roommate, Ony.
Isn't she dainty?

Short and sweet.
At least you can't say I didn't update :)

See you soon!