Backyard Picnic

Loving this sweet engagement picnic by

Navy, rustic, chevron, daisies...
It's like they just picked my brian.

Check out the rest of this dreamy shoot here



who else is obsessed?

Whilst chatting about home decor & such,
my girlfriends and I all agreed that Agate is one of our
favorite current home trends.

We then also decided it should be Monday's post,
so without further ado...

A few of my faves:

A perfect addition to the tree

Um, how do I get windows like these?

A great reason to actually stop drinking wine...

Do you love it?
How was your weekend?


Gotta get down on Fridays.

Hey there! 
How's everyone feeling today?
I feel GREAT because it's Friday, it's beautiful out & I get to see my LOVE!

Today's sampling is very random but nevertheless,

Have some faves:

LOVE these cheeky flats.

Drool worthy moments from this southern wedding

Annie's recipe for homemade B&W cookies :)


Love me some AP

And a little pants for your Friday.

What are you lovelies up to?
Anything fun?

Hope you have a great weekend!!



Good morning my most favorite of all the followers.
Wanted to take a quick moment and share a
now available in the MegMac Shop.

Oozing with sass (and a smigden of class)
This invite is a great way to set the mood for an over the top

As always, customizations are the specialty!
Happiest of Wednesdays to you all :)



So apparently everyone is obsessing over this spread

Which, I guess, is a spread that tastes like this cookie

and I gotta tell ya, I need to get my hands on it.
I don't even know what it tastes like, but if it's in these recipes, I want.

Do YOU love Biscoff?
Are you unaware of the flavor like me?
Would you try any of these recipes?
of course you would...


Currently Being Inspired By...


Maybe it was the weekend full of glitter,
 but I have been downright obsessed with the sparkle!

Here are a few of my faves:

Love this idea of spraying twigs with glitter 
for a dressed up vase during the holidays.

MAJOR(er) pricetag

Over/Under T let's me install beautiful sequin tile in the house?

I myself had a sparkle nail this weekend.
Mine were gold and (surprise surprise) I didn't take a picture.

Martha's glitter letter tutorial

Do you sparkle?