Weekend Shenanigans

So, how was everyone's weekend?

Our garage sale was a success!
and WOW let me tell you, you meet some unique people hosting one of those...

My phone got it's Halloween on

I put together a little wedding gift for a friend & fab client :)

& we headed to our friend's for some Hillbilly fun

Perhaps because i was CAKED with dirt by the time Sunday rolled around, 
yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning my house, lighting fall scented candles, 
and puling out all my HALLOWEEN decorations! 
Can't wait to sass this place up :)

What did you guys do this weekend?


Out with the old!

Friday! I've missed you :)

Today we are having our very first 
(I mean, I've had them before, just never in this house or with a HUSBAND)
super happy to be able to clean out the house, 
give some things a new home,
maybe put a little $$ in our pockets?
Mostly just get the shit wonderful items OUT!

Hope you have a great weekend!
See you next week with a few FABULOUS party reveals!


Tie it up!

Morning, ya'll!
So...last night I was watching a very educational program on the television...
The X Factor

...and I noticed Demi's hair.

Now, I am beyond over that side braid situation, but I'm loving on this
bo-ho inspired messy braid/bun/crown thing.

What do you think?
Hippie-Chic, or 
"Get over it already, Meghan, you're pushing 30 & that look is for teenagers?"
Also, who still does a side bride that i offended?


Neon Bachelorette Invitations

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday love yesterday :)
You really know how to make an old-fogey feel special!

So as I mentioned, this past weekend was my best friend
since KINDERGARTEN's bachelorette party!

I'm still editing through all the pictures 
(that are appropriate enough to share)
but I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share
the invitations her sister & I sent out!

I posted this teaser on Instagram
but I couldn't spill anymore until the party was complete!
So here we have them!

The theme of her weekend was: NEON!

We rented a vacation house in Michigan for the weekend,
so there were quite a few details we had to share 
(hence the multiple pages)

Obviously we had to throw in some embarrassing pictures....

(silly me, must not have gotten the front of the mailing label, 
but it wrapped around to the back of the envelope...which is what we see here)

Got any Bachelorette Parties you're planning that need some super sassy invites?
Great! They're officially available in The Shop!


Happy Birthday

...to me!

Nothing really to note over here,
boring birthday year on a boring day of the week
as a gift to all of you, I thought I would share my
latest comedic adventure with MTV,

Get More: 

Yes, this beautiful childhood friend of mine

is the dude on the right

Make sure you watch & share :)

Have a great day!



Sorry for the radio silence yesterday,
We were traveling all day!

No worries though, we are safe and sound in... 
(can't tell you, Claire isn't here yet and it's a surprise for her)
and anxiously awaiting Bridezilla's arrival!

Hope you all have a weekend half as much fun as ours will be :)


nailed it.

This weekend is my very best friend's

oh.mah.gah, I'm so excited. 

Since she reads this little ol' blog of mine (you better, Claire!)
I can't share too much about her surprise weekend,
but today my mother-in-law and I are going to get manicures
so I've got bachelorette-friendly designs on the brain. 

I don't get regular manicures (crafting & guitar playing always scuff them up)
and the few times I've tried to have them replicate a design I like,
it didn't come out quite as planned, 
but if I had a sure-fire nail person, here's what I would try :)

Wish I could share all of our plans for the weekend now, 
but I guess you'll just have to wait :)


Grady's Ice Cream Social

I have two very special Grady's in my life.
Obviously my godson is Grady,
but there's also my good friend Mandy's baby Grady too.

Well...I guess he's not a baby anymore!
In honor of his 2nd birthday his mom put together a joy filled
Ice Cream Social, and I got to help her with some of the details!

Here's a few cell phonies of my own, that hardly do the party justice,
and a few mom shared with me as well :)

Obviously we'll start with the invite.

Mandy wanted an orange & turquoise theme so together
we decided on this sweet little invite to set the stage.

Then we collaborated on a few project ideas...

and got everything set up for the big day!

So sweet, right?
Did you plan any parties recently?


Hello Monday!

Hi, loves :)
How was your weekend?
Ours was pretty low-key, but I managed to get a few things done
& document a few as well.

Todd picked a few tomatoes from his garden

...and got super excited for his show to be back on

My girl helped me out with some emails.

I staged some product for the new site...

and my talented friend, Katie, helped me photograph :)
Can't wait to share all the newbies!

We snagged some goodies at our favorite local Flea Market.

I decided to play along with this fall weather were having.

which helped Porkchop perfect her begging.

What were you guys up to? Whip up any fall recipes?