When Skies Are Grey

and boy they are today!
Let's round up some pretty greys 
so we don't have to think about the ugly ones outside.

Much better.
Enjoy your day!


Look what I did!

Another show & tell day.
Are you so excited?
Well, you should be.
This installment features a super sassy Bachelorette Party Invite
dreamed up by an ideal client & put to life by moi.

Cheeky, Sassy, Informative & Fun - what more could you ask for in an invitation?

Let's take a look:

A Beyonce themed Bachelorette Party deemed, "Beyoncebrations!"
Hysterical, right? 
Oh & yes, you would be correct, that is the bride to be's face super imposed over B's body on the mailing label.

Love it!


Summer Summer Summertime

Heck yes, it's official.
Summer is here!
Hope you all had a nice long fabulous weekend!
(hopefully remembering to thank the brave souls who Memorial Day is actually about)

I'm off to play a little catch up, but thought I'd leave you with
some super summer snapshots.

Happy Tuesday!


Hillbilly Deluxe

Ah yes, Memorial Day. 
Love me some three-day weekends!
Tomorrow were headed to our friends house in Wisconsin.
He lives on lake, walking distance from the townie bar
& has plans for us to go see some Nascar races on Sunday!
'Billy On!

Happy Memorial Day!



It's a pink kind of day.
Not any 'ol pink, though. 
Coral, to be specific.



Right Near Da Beach Booooooooyyyyy

So, Todd and I have been watching Game of Thrones.
Even though we can't pronounce remember half of the characters name 
and 9 times out of 10 Todd can't understand what they're saying - 
We're obsessed.
Like, stay up too late, watch a season in days obsessed.

The other day Todd brought home some promotional beverages from work
and I gobbled up one of these bad boys:

It was delicious, satisfying, and apparently pumped with sleepy stuff
because at about 10:00 we had just started a new episode and I was in full REM cycle.
Todd and I have been giggling about it ever since so I thought I'd round up some Rasta Goodies:

Moral of the story:
If you can't get to sleep, drink the Marley juice :)


Look What I Did

Remember last week when I told you
Todd was going on a fishing adventure?

Well before he left I got my craft on and made him 
a little collection of gifts to open each day!

Wanted to share them with you because as I was making them I 
was thinking a few of these could be made for Father's Day 
or even Teacher Gifts for the end of the year.

Or not...either way, wanted to share :)

Obviously I started with a card...

Then I wrapped up 5 individual gifts, with a little note in each one
(all man themed of course...)

Then I wrapped them all up and put a day on each one :)

They were a hit!
What do you think?

Do you see how they could be spun into a Father's Day gift of sorts?

See you soon!