2 new (to me) favorites

Almost 4 months until wedding day = lots (more) time on Pinterest looking for inspiration.
In my daily perusing, I found these two beautiful online shops.
I love the clean look of both of their sites, and obviously the fabulosity of their products.

First up, Camilyn Beth...

She offers dresses & illustrations - all drool worthy.

And then theres Miss Emily Briggs
she specializes in all things bridal. 

Love them?



Hey, it's too late for me, but PLEASE! 
Someone incorporate the sparkly bridesmaid!



Daydream Believer

Hi again!
How was everyone's weekend?
We had a nice relaxing one, met up with some girlfriends & shopped for bridesmaid dresses!
No stellar pictures to present, unless you want a handful of iPhone selfies...

I figured today is a good day to celebrate the dream.
Don't you?

Dream on, folks.


Look What I Helped With!

One of my great friends/bridesmaids, Rehana
got engaged in October and even though she's in the thick of Grad school
had the cutest ideas for a card to ask her sister to be her Maid of Honor.

Her sister Kassi is living & working in Bangladesh and Rehana and her family 
had a trip planned to go out and see her and their other family that lives there.

We finished the card awhile ago, but she's officially back from her trip
and Kassi has been asked, and obliged to be MOH so I can officially share without spilling the beans!

How cute is this!?

Another happy bride :)
Can't wait to see more details from this beauty's wedding!

Happy Tuesday, ya'll



Yesterday we hosted a couple's baby shower for our good friends

Brittany + Adam
(Yeah, they're pretty cute)

Adam is an avid hunter and both are happy little farm folk
so naturally I ran with a Camo theme.

I had some talented camera ladies helping me document so I'll be sure to share when I get those,  but in the mean time I thought I would give up the few snips I snagged with my phone :)

what were you guys up to this weekend?


Swoopy Scripts

I'm in the midst of designing our wedding suite
and I just have to take a moment to give it up for the swoopy script.

Todd thinks it's hard to read, I think it's perfect. 
What do you think?

Love it? Me too.


Weekend Update

Happy Monday!
What were you all up to this weekend?

Porkchop ate a hotdog :)

Went to a friend's radical 80's party

Made some homemade pita. Surprisingly easily & totally scrumptious!

and not seen through my iPhone, I did some SERIOUS shopping for the 
couple's baby shower were throwing this Sunday! SO excited!!

Hope you have a great day!



Be good.

Have a great weekend, folks.

See you Monday :)


Happy 2013 & What I've been up to

Hey Dudes!
Man, I havent seen you guys since last year! (buh, dum...)

Sincerely hope you all had a fabulous holiday. 
Heres a little photo run down of what I've been up to since last we chatted :)

Successfully threw Todd a SURPRISE "Bacon & Beer" themed party
(Unsuccessfully took zero pictures, except this last one.
You can kind of see that I put all different pictures of him around the kitchen)

Overjoyed to hear about new baby cousin, Marnin :)

Got our LuckyDog on!

Porkchop got her first encounter with snow.

One of my favorite gifts from my MIL

Made some Christmas cookies!

Hung out with my Gradypants :)

Escaped with my love for an evening

Celebrated the entering of whats sure to be the BEST YEAR EVER!!!

FINALLY got to start using my new planner!

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I am really so excited to see what 2013 has in store!!!

What have you been up to?