Look what I helped with!

Happy Wednesday, ya'll.

I wanted to share this project I helped Alison with
but was waiting for her to gift them to her bridesmaids
before I spilled the beans (just in case!)

Alison and I are actually getting married in the exact same venue, 
so wedding chatter came even more natural to the two of us :)

She has visions of a rustic fall wedding
filled with blushes, greys and hints of burnt red.
I helped her with a card to ask her bridesmaids that she incorporated into a box for each of her girls!

After she received her cards, she sent me pictures of her completed project
with a little explanation of all her hard work!

Here's what she had to say:
"The box was painted with an ivory and the inside and appliqué were painted with a color of the wedding. The letters, burlap, and fabrics flowers also go along with the theme.  Inside I lined the bottom with fun paper to give it a mercury glass look. I included paint samples of the color scheme I am thinking, a Skelton key, and a gift card for the girls to use towards their dresses."

"The girls LOVED the cards. I gave them the boxes this past weekend and it was perfect. I even got some tears. SO Thank you for making those. They really were prefect!"

I'm OBSESSED with a custom order, so it was literally my pleasure to put these together for you.
I'm excited to see what other fun things we come up with for your big day!

What do you guys think? Fabulous, no?


Happy Birthday

...to me :)

We had a great weekend celebrating with friends,
so even though today isn't filled with an elaborate party,

I'm happy to spend the day with a good friend,
and the evening with my love...

...and hopefully something sweet!

Hope you all have a great day!


Final Countdown

Registering was a blast. 
We got just about everything done!
It was a little overwhelming for me, but my mom and sister
were great at helping me pick out what I needed/wanted.

Now we're in the final days before the big party.
The big house reveal!

Today I'm wrapping up a few projects, one of which
is adding the final details on my painted stairs.

What do you think about this look?
Hopefully you love it, 'cause there's no turning back now :)

Have a great Monday!



This weekend I'm going with my mom & sister to
R E G I S T E R 
Todd and I don't need a lot, but most of our kitchen stuff is from college
& I feel like people are going to get you presents anyway, you might as well show them what you like?
I don't know. This is new to me.
Anyone have any advice? Things you registered for that just take up space?
Things you use everyday?
Talk to me.

I've put together a little dream list.
I don't care if I get none of them.
I really just want everyone to come dance on our big night :)

As much fun as registering is, I'm mostly looking forward to hanging with my mom & sister.
Matzo Ball Soup from The Bagel has never sounded so good.

Happy Weekend :)


DIY Project

Oh weird, I'm planning on doing something myself?
(First of all, hi! How have you been?)
So we're having this Housewarming Party.
Not so much the party, but all the house preparations leading up to it are
literally consuming my life.

One of my million projects is to put some simple but substantial 
centerpieces on the tables were going to set up.

Pinterest works it's magic again by giving me probably too many ideas.

What do you think?

Bottles & tins with wild flowers?

Coffee filter poms?

Metallic painted wine bottles?

paper wrapped cans?

wood boxes?

I'll try to keep you posted on what I end up doing...
in the meantime, I'm off to put another thing on my checklist
(why do I do this to myself...)




Hey hey!
How are we doing today?
Thank you SO much for the overwhelming support for
We are excited to see what the future holds for our pillows :)

I've been a busy girl lately, and wanted to share a few little snips of what I've been up to.

::framed concert wristbands::

::put home depot to work on some DIY cornice boxes::

::bikini so teeny::

::road trip!::



::party favors::

::silly ear::

::party props::

::lover of mine::

::card catalog::

::smash cake::

::bulletin board::



::party nail::

::root beer float::

::county fair with camp::

::hermie crab::


::big stick::


::Ony & her boyfriend, Jack::


::Cornice Box round 2::

::Baby Rex::

::Lucky Dog Fabric::

::Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread from homegrown zucchinis::

::Ony hug::



::fantasy draft::


::s'mores cupcakes from scratch::

::potential MOB dress::

::creativity gets messy::

::phase one::

::new TV for my man chowder::


::picking a house color::

::lucky dog merch::

::Ony's man, Jack (Ass) ::

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
I'll see you all next week!