Happy 2014!

I feel like I haven't checked in with you since last year!
(ba dum...)

You know, I really don't understand how all these profesh bloggers
juggle work, holidays, and blogging!
I'm clearly not the best at it.

Hope you & yours had a great holiday season,
I've got lots of fun things in store for 2014!

Can't wait to get it underway!

Here's whats been going on since last time:

 It snowed...

I baked and ate WAY too many goodies

Todd had a birthday :)

Christmas with the family!

Santa knew exactly what we wanted...

took my godson bowling for the first time
he loved it & literally beat most of the adults...

gave Porkchop a pre-midnight kiss for the New Year

It continued to snow...and my good friend Katie did her best to bail me out :)

pretty much hasn't stopped snowing

 but that wouldn't stop us from a themed birthday party!

nails and all!

Hope you guys are staying warm,
having fun, and ready for a FABULOUS year ahead!


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