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Hello followers! Thank you for visiting my blog, however it is you got here. My goal for this blog is to send you guys updated links of inspiration. I am a creative person because I try to look for the creativity in everything. This will be a great place for me to share with you!

For my first post, I thought it only appropriate to pay tribute to all the best blogs that have inspired me.

So here we go...


I was first introduced to this blog when my beautiful sister Liz:

was looking for ideas for her August 2009 wedding. I love the gorgeous photographs on this site & live for Abby's daily finds be them shoes, flowers, or crafts. Whether you're getting married or not you need to be on this site.

This is my great friend Fran's blog. She is a sassy lady who lives in NYC.

I'm on this site anytime I need a good laugh.

This site has got it all. Interior, crafts, photography, whatever.
My lifelong best friend and current roomate, Claire:

first showed me this blog and I really do love everything about it. From it's innovative posts to the general layout/design. Blogger Grace has just the touch to keep us coming back for more...and more.

Though not what I would browse through with my grandmother, this site is the perfect cure for those celebrity gossip needs. My good friend Johnny:

First showed me this alternative to celebrity gossip, and I think it does a good job at reporting the juicy details without taking it so seriously. Guaranteed at least one out loud laughing session everytime I log on.

and last but certainly not least, check out my site!

While it by itself is not a blog, it is my little baby and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

looking forward to future posts, the launch party is the first weekend in December so I'll be pretty busy until then, but I'll keep updating as I can.

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Anonymous said...

Meghan - I love the blog. You are one of the most creative people I know. Good luck.