Once Upon A Time...

There was this girl named Meghan.
She very much loved to blog about all the pretty things she found 
during her internet perusing. After years of living in rentals & with her parents, Meghan found herself overjoyed with the opportunity to blog about the updates to her very first home like all of the great bloggers that she looks up to do.

Then she found out that it's basically impossible. 

But seriously, hey, hi, how are ya?
I swear I've been documenting every step along the way, but nothing is quite finished enough for me to put on the internet like "Hey, look at my unfinished room!"
I have, however, gotten NUMEROUS requests to update the blog and post some pictures,
so I thought I'd share a few little teasers to wet your appetite.

Like I said, nothing is finished.
Lots of things are making good progress, but it's legit impossible for me to work from home, (while having serious OCD and wanting to put everything away instead), photograph, edit, create a post, cook, clean, and still have time for my handsome man.
I'm actually wondering how you people do it.

I'm hoping once I get a routine underway life will be a bit easier.
I'll do my best to be a better blogger.

First and foremost, this is our new roommate, Ony.
Isn't she dainty?

Short and sweet.
At least you can't say I didn't update :)

See you soon!


palex312 said...
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palex312 said...

i cant wait to see your place!!! you will need to add another "hers" glass :)