Drape Crush

As mentioned before, I have a serious 
(but not yet professionally diagnosed)
case of OCD.

What can I say? I like my ducks in a row.
Since ditching all my work to put my house together would be unprofessional
(and probably upset a few clients)
I've been trying to prioritize which projects will calm my crazies the most.

First up, drapery.
I'm not sure why it's so important to me, I guess it just helps a room feel warm and complete?

I have drapes in my living room (whoop whoop!) and I have some picked out for the master, 
but the rest of the rooms are up for grabs.

Perhaps something like these?

Other things to be noted:

I don't have a money tree.
I fancy myself crafty.
I need some help.

Any tips for a pretty drapery on the cheap?

*All my images from here

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