Why hello!
I'll save you my apologies for the blogging hiatus
and instead bribe you with pictures of...

Our little family grew by one last week
when the "dog of the week" from the local radio show
caught Todd's eye (and stole his heart)

Meet Porkchop
(night one, doped up from surgery)

She has WAY more energy than our sweet, calm Ony
but Ony-Butt is being very patient. 
(More so than I would if there was constantly a butt in my face or a nose in my butt...)

She's a happy little addition, and were working very hard on commands
(I think we've nailed "sit) and not eating each others food...

Any puppy training tips?
Does anyone even come visit this little blog anymore?


Maggie C. said...

Of course we still visit silly! Great shots! Welcome home Porkchop!

Christine Newton said...

Seriously beautiful puppy!