Currently Being Inspired By...

When thinking about things I'm passionate about that I have yet to do a post on,
I remembered this STAPLE in my life. 

Here are some of my faves:

Hot Dog! Look at this cute little coffee sleeve!
Pick one up here

A subtle little tribute to that magical bean.
Found here

I do.
I think I would literally say yes.

Would LOVE these on my couch.
Throw Pillows made from old coffee sacks.

Coffee & Doughnut cupcakes!
Recipe from Justjenn

Who else is dying?
Apartment Therapy has the best ideas.

Some delicious coffee brown interiors:

I would brew my own coffee every morning if this was my machine.
(Until then, Starbucks, how's my paycheck working out for you?)

How about this little wedding favor?
Could they be any cuter? 
Get some here

LOVE that you came by to share my passion today.
Hope it's a good one.

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