Currently Being Inspired By...

Red &White!

Loving this color combo.
I know I've done red before but the combination of that bright apple red and a crisp white
just screams summer to me.

Here are some of my faves:

yes. yes. and yes.
Found here

So I recently made my first Bakerella cake balls and let me just tell you...
They were so freaking fabulous I wanted to try them in every combination.
Red velvet with white chocolate sounds perf.

I need it.
Thanks Etsy

Some super sassy interiors.

Holy shiz get on my countertops!
How adorable are these little containers?

you could use the sugar you store in those containers to make
some cupcakes for these cute liners.

Oh man, how adorb?
Found here

Loving the red and white weddings!

And how about this magnificent laptop bag?
I might just need it for my new baby.

Hope everyone has a great day.
What are you being inspired by? 
Maybe it will become an upcoming post.

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