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My sissy (who is due in 18 days!!!!!!) has a fondness for lobsters,
or as she calls them, lobbies.
So in honor of that fuzzy little lobbie in your belly...

Here are some of my faves:

Um hi, get in my closet please.

Adorable little Etsy find.

Found here

Liz, wish you would have gone with 
the lobbies instead of the pale blue?

How bad do you want to live on Nantucket right now?
This inspiration board courtesy of The Party Dress

I'm not a fan of seafood unless it's fish sticks or calamari (don't judge me...)
But these little Mini Montauk Lobster Rolls look fantastic.

Super cute ribbon belt.
Found here

Go here

Perfect for a guest bedroom or beach house.

Dear Liz's unborn baby,
Guaranteed these are on your feet sometime in your life.

Also, who's excited for Halloween...??
Besides Liz & I...

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stephanie said...

Neil celebrated lobsters by wearing his pair of shorts with lobsters on them. I'm not sure they are inspiring, per se, but they are shorts and there are lobsters.