Friday Favorites!

I love Fridays!
I also love that this weekend will be full of LOVEly
Valentine's Day Activities...
(Or at least dressed up in pink & red and disguised as such)

Hope you all have a fabulous time!

Here are the best ones I could find this week:

Annie really needs to stop setting the bar so high.
I don't even like berries (one might even say hate) and I would eat this.

The cutest little cupcake liner pom-pom. 

Um, did we all see these DIY Valentine stickers courtesy of Twig & Thistle?

Must. Live. In. Home. With. Exposed. Wood. Beams.

This song has (literally) been on repeat on my iTunes all week.
The video doesn't come out until Valentine's Day
so in the mean time, enjoy this video in the background.

Hi sweets!

Hope your weekend is filled with lovely-ness!
See you Monday!

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