Praise the Lord!

It's Friday!
I know, I know. 
Every Friday I talk about how excited I am for it to be the weekend,
 but I am especially glad for this week to be over.

Toddie Da & I are headed to Stillman for the weekend for Miss Wylie's Second Birthday!!
Oh my gosh, wait until you see how cute her party is!!

In the mean time I'm signing off for a stress-free weekend with my man.
Hope you have a good one. 
See you back here on Monday.

Here are my faves:

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I know a certain someone who would love the mustache one...

Cake Ink posted this fabulous drum kit cake.
I am the best air drummer this side of the Mississippi so this cake is right up my alley.

LOVE Simply Seductive's collection of {Girly Stuff}

Little Fatty McFatplop is officially crawling!
Yay for milestones!

Happy Effing Weekend.

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