Look Hoos Two!

Wylie Marie!

Little Miss Wylie had a very fabulous birthday party this last weekend!
Her wonderful mother and I put together this great Owl themed party with lots of pink & green.

We started with this MegMac Inspiration Board:

and Kelly needed little help after that.
She is so crafty!

Here are some shots of the details, and of course, 

We decorated pink & green owl cookies the night before.
They were adorable, AND DELICIOUS.

Some MegMac Cupcake Toppers:

Kelly is a photographer and look what her creative a** made for the party...
Do you see Wylie's name in those frames?

A little MegMac Banner

The freaking cutest ribbon topiary that Kelly MADE

Some MegMac water bottle labels

Even Fred was festive.

Poms galore

Wylie's Special Cake.

I made that little frame and Kelly made the adorable treat bags!

Another MegMac Banner
"Look Hoos 2!"

Mike, Kelly & Wylie

Senior Pic!

We love you SO much Miss Wylie!
I hope you had so much fun at your little party!

Big thanks to your mommy, Kelly, for letting me help!

What do you think?
So cute, huh?

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