Friday is my Favorite.

my whole life I really thought Thursday was my favorite, but I don't know...
Friday's are pretty great.

When it's a Friday that has you looking forward to things like:

Reuniting with your big strong man
Kicking ass (and winning money) in a chili cook off
Hanging out with a handsome fat baby
Hitting up some thrift stores
oh yeah, and...

Don't panic! 
We'll meet again before I leave.
Until then, have some faves.

I want to go to there

Will someone just make me these?
They've been sitting in my "to-do" list for a year...

I'll have the log pillows -OR- the plump baby dressed like a beaver.
Whichever one can get here sooner.

Anyone else suddenly want to get

Old school jam stuck in my head of the hour day:

and of course...

hmm, I wonder if he'll be pissed about this when he's 16?

Oh well, until then...

Have a wonderful weekend!


katie@tulsadetails said...

I love that fears erased daily! Such a great idea.

MEGMAC said...

Thanks Katie! Isn't that such a great idea?