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Pink Roses!
Please excuse the lack of recap pictures. We had a wonderful weekend
however none of my pictures were exceptionally blog-worthy.
Not to mention I have yet to upload them on to my computer...
So were just going to go full-steam ahead with some inspiration!
This weekend I picked up this magazine:

and was so in love with that floral arrangement and the pretty pink roses
that I thought it only appropriate to do a post about 'em

Without further ado.

Here are some of my faves:

Darling little post earrings found here

a matching ring by bijouxrogue

Oh hi you adorable spring cake.

The perfect pink rose dress

Pink roses really bring the romance level up a notch, no?

How could would this pink rose lantern be in a little girl's nursery?

Step by step instructions on how to create your own

What do you think about these fabulous florals?

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