Friday Favorites!

Ah yes, Friday, we meet again!
What do you crazy kids have in store this weekend?
We're on the world tour this weekend - Seeing family, friends and this guy:

!! Can't wait !!
Whatever it is you're doing I hope you have FUN!
(I apologize for my lack of royal wedding related posts - I know everyone else in the US is obsessing...)

Here are the best of the (non-royal-wedding-related) best!

Are you dying? 
Found this gem on Etsy yesterday, and I am now building a bathroom around it.
Normal, right?

Go check out my friend Laura's excellent round-up of wedding bouquets
Speaking of weddings, MegMac offers cutom wedding monograms on Etsy...

In case you were questioning my love for Etsy, here's another.

It'a a Puppy Party!
The houndstooth, the bow tie, I'm dead.

And of course, a little plop.

Have a great weekend!

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