2 out of 5

'aint bad, right?
As much as I swore I'd be better about being an everyday blogger,
this thing called life keeps getting in the way.

To make up for my lack of (daily) existence this week, I come with a serious faves post.
(I mean, let's be real, the faves posts are the best)

Quirky. Sassy. Bold. Vegas.

Eye Love You valentines!!

Laura Lapidus, can I get an amen?

Yes puh-lease.

Speaking of beautiful geography...
I need that bottom one.

and finally...
Grady's reaction to hearing I haven't had a "Weekly plop" in...
W E E K S.

Have a fantabulous weekend!!!
(How come I didn't get a squiggly line under "fantabulous" but I did under "aint"...ugh, spellcheck)

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