Lemme Lemme Update you.

Hi there, friends!
Happy New Year!
How was your holiday season?
Fabulous? Happy to have it be over?

Mine was crazy to say the least, but crazy in the very best way possible :)

Wanted to share some pictures from our holidays (as promised)
so, without further ado...

(Remember I told you about that?)

Then we celebrated our family Christmas/Ornament Exchange...

Todd had me in the orny exchange...

and thats where it happened!!!!!!

6 carats! I'm a lucky girl :)

Then we celebrated with Todd's family...

(okay so I was too tired from engagement night to take anymore pictures....)

But we did take a few for New Years!

Phewf! What a whirlwind holiday! I'm happy for the chaos to settle, 
but will ALWAYS remember what a special season it was!

Todd and I have lots of exciting new things coming up this year
(Like decorating our new house!!)
So sooner rather than later be on the lookout for this 'ol blog to be completely taken over by interior design & wedding related posts...

Happy New Year!!!

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