Blinded by the light

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you all had a nice (for some of you, long) weekend!
We are in full planning mode
 (and by "we" I mean my patient fiance & I as I blab to him about my plans and he pretends to listen...)
and just can't wait to start tackling these house projects!

A smaller scale project, but one that is in fact important to me & my OCD,
 is properly dressing the windows.
We have a big window in the eat-in kitchen, and then 
the sweetest little window over the sink on the other side of the room.

Here's my dilema, do I let the big window treatments steal the show & leave the little sweet window to be naked and alone? If not how do I dress it up? Matching fabric? Coordinating? Help please!

What would you do?

1 comment:

Kat said...

Not sure what the window looks like but think about a cafe curtain. You can hang it half way up and pick out your favorite fabric.