Look What I Did

Remember last week when I told you
Todd was going on a fishing adventure?

Well before he left I got my craft on and made him 
a little collection of gifts to open each day!

Wanted to share them with you because as I was making them I 
was thinking a few of these could be made for Father's Day 
or even Teacher Gifts for the end of the year.

Or not...either way, wanted to share :)

Obviously I started with a card...

Then I wrapped up 5 individual gifts, with a little note in each one
(all man themed of course...)

Then I wrapped them all up and put a day on each one :)

They were a hit!
What do you think?

Do you see how they could be spun into a Father's Day gift of sorts?

See you soon!


Lisa Mc. said...

Soooo very darling.... Love the gifts and sentiments.... and love you both. You are truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute, have done something like it b4 but hey u waaaay out did me. Lisa thanx for the fb post! Very cool, very creative.
Sacha DeVoe

Maggie said...

Awesome! What a great/cute/loving idea!