Right Near Da Beach Booooooooyyyyy

So, Todd and I have been watching Game of Thrones.
Even though we can't pronounce remember half of the characters name 
and 9 times out of 10 Todd can't understand what they're saying - 
We're obsessed.
Like, stay up too late, watch a season in days obsessed.

The other day Todd brought home some promotional beverages from work
and I gobbled up one of these bad boys:

It was delicious, satisfying, and apparently pumped with sleepy stuff
because at about 10:00 we had just started a new episode and I was in full REM cycle.
Todd and I have been giggling about it ever since so I thought I'd round up some Rasta Goodies:

Moral of the story:
If you can't get to sleep, drink the Marley juice :)

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Bud and Leo said...

Great rasta inspiration! Love the pouf! I don't think I need anything to make me more mellow. As summer is heating up, it's hard to keep this girl awake after 9! Kelli