Meet the Maids

How was everyone's weekend?
Sorry for the radio silence yesterday!
On Friday I sent out all of my out-of-town Bridesmaids
the little packages I put together for them to ask them to be my maids &
I've officially heard back that all the packages have arrived safely 
so today I thought I'd share with you :)

I originally had a few ideas, but Pinterest gave me about 100 new ones
so I MAY have gone overboard, but I love my girls & it was a treat for me to put them all together.

Let's take a look 
(at Fran's package)

So here's the whole she-bang.

Everyone got a little keychain I made (sorry for the terrible photo)
The Card it hung on said, "Can't Say I Do Without You, Girl"
The Keychains had their initial and a little tag that said "Thank You"

Everyone got a little frame with the two of us and "Meghan's Maid" written in the corner

I love a candle, so I couldn't help myself.

This was definitely a Pinterest addition...

Everyone got a personalized bottle of wine...

My favorite part being the "Lucky Duck" brand :)

The card...

A little poem I wrote

All the details 

And since I'm having them all wear different but coordinating dresses,
a little style guide so they know what I've got in mind.

What do you think?
Did I do enough?
Too Much?


John Empfield said...

Fran, that picture really sucked.

Bud and Leo said...

I'm so impressed! You went all out for your girls! So adorable. Kelli