How's everyone been doing?
Thought we could do a little visual update
to keep us all on the same page.

As of late I have...

Been adjusting to small-town occurrences...

let the puppies play at the farm

Taken in some summer sunsets

Celebrated my piglet's first birthday

received an adorable "Thank You" gift from my talented girl

had some odd order requests from friends...

put new strings on my guitar...by myself!

hit the links

worked on some fun projects

continued to have a naughty puppy

drooled all over BHLDN Chicago

Got my first bee-sting
 (I guess it's a wasp? Either way, hurt like hell.)

Had a little date night at Carlyle Brewing Co.

...and made some game day snacks for The Bears Opener 
(didn't watch any of it, just like the idea of game day. Bear Down?)

What have you been up to?
I was also busy putting some new merch in the shop :)

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