Neon Bachelorette Invitations

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday love yesterday :)
You really know how to make an old-fogey feel special!

So as I mentioned, this past weekend was my best friend
since KINDERGARTEN's bachelorette party!

I'm still editing through all the pictures 
(that are appropriate enough to share)
but I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share
the invitations her sister & I sent out!

I posted this teaser on Instagram
but I couldn't spill anymore until the party was complete!
So here we have them!

The theme of her weekend was: NEON!

We rented a vacation house in Michigan for the weekend,
so there were quite a few details we had to share 
(hence the multiple pages)

Obviously we had to throw in some embarrassing pictures....

(silly me, must not have gotten the front of the mailing label, 
but it wrapped around to the back of the envelope...which is what we see here)

Got any Bachelorette Parties you're planning that need some super sassy invites?
Great! They're officially available in The Shop!

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