Birthday Crushes

The final year of my twenties begins in two weeks!
All I really want as a present on my birthday is Peace on Earth 
and for everyone to be able to find the happiness they deserve...

BUT, if you were going to set me free in the mall & foot the bill,
I might also be interested in some of these...

Would LOVE an Ipad mini - with a sassy case :)

Need a cute pair of casual closed-toed shoes for fall
that aren't a gymshoe or Uggs. 

Neutral, hopefully with a sassy lining, obviously with a cross body option.


New Perfume.
What's your favorite? 
I always like to get a different one :)

Guitar lessons.
 I can play, but I could also be better. 
Would love someone cool to teach me once a week.

Have you seen that infomercial? Amaze.

...and just because it will be on any gift list I make 
until I don't have to ask anymore...


Do you have a birthday coming up?
Do you want a mega pack of sharpies as bad as I do?

1 comment:

Warda Tayyab said...

Dyson must be the real birthday crush :D
Dyson Vacuum Cleaner