Currently being inspired by...


T-O-double D is going to be super happy about this one.

Here are some of my faves:

A scrumptious little necklace courtesy of Crumpet's Cake

Oh my gosh, I can do that too, that's crazy.
Seriously though, check out his site.

The sweetest little escort cards 
organized with typewriter key table numbers.

Customizable stamps

Could really use this in my apt.

ADORABLE typewriter font ribbon.
The UK really does produce some beautiful things.

Although originally intended as Christmas ornaments 
these bad boys could be used all year round.

Some super ways to decorate your space
with gorgeous vintage typewriters.
God Bless.

A stellar shirt found on Kanibal Home

Toddie Doddie Da wants a pair
of these with this initials.
One day I'll be a good girlfriend and make buy them for him.
Until then he can drool over these.

Until next time...

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