You would think my lack of personal recipes shared means I've been in the kitchen less,
but I've actually been in there quite a bit. 
I wrecked my back last weekend making hundreds of little treats for a wedding shower.

No, my problem is photographing them to share.
In my pictures absence, I give you today's craving,

The Pretzel.

And there you have it. 
Pretzels Galore!


birdie to be said...

YUM! These look delish!

Bud and Leo said...

Those turtles are adorable! Love me some pretzel!

Kim said...

I am sitting here starving and happened upon this post. Not good. I now know I need to make sure I come to your blog on a full stomach or I'll wind up drooling all over the keyboard.

Those turtles?! Cutest thing ever.