We meet again.

Happy Friday, dears!

This weekend is my great friend, Monika's, BACHELORETTE PARTY
Looking forward to the debauchery that ensues.
What do you have on the docket?
Anything fun?

Here are some faves whilst you think...

LOVE this little poster I found on Pinterest

Look at this fabulous wallpaper she makes.

Prints too.

bet you couldn't even tell they were MADE OUT OF STICKERS!!!!

Jordan's DIY number pinata instructions.

Yes please!

Love this home tour Kristen featured today - love all their eclectic little finds.

and what would a week be without my little Bam-Bam?

So now, what are you doing this weekend?
Tell me, or at least make it great!



Creativechaos said...

I'm taking a CPR course and packing for my trip to MA. Nothing overly exciting.
Have fun at the party!

Kat said...

OMG Love the pictures of the old ladies! I send my bff these type of photos all the time! I might have to post this :) Love the pics of your man!