Currently Being Inspired By...

SO this should actually read "Todd is currently being inspired by deer" 
as my hunting obsessed beau told me this should be my category for this fine Monday.
Surprisingly, that country boy has an eye for the chic & trendy.

Here are a few of my faves:

Cute little handmade pillow from Coco & Milo

Now here is how I WOULD put some deer in my house.

Sorry, love, none of the real stuff.

How about this cute jewelry stand.

And what about you, Deers, what do you think?


Cat said...

Those white deer busts and that jewelry holder are stunners :) What a great place to draw inspiration from :)

❤ Cat brideblu

Melissa C said...

I must have the pillow!! :)

Creativechaos said...

I do love some venison.


Bud and Leo said...

Here in Virginia there a deer everywhere you look! Love the pillow & vases- cute picks!

a Bug and Bird said...

i love deer too! deer and horses are some of the most majestic animals in the world.

i would poke my eye out with that cocktail ring. and i took a deer from my mom's house that looks just like the jewelry stand.. idea!

Todd Henry said...

What a great idea. Your boyfriend must be a genius...